About Dany Yasbic

  • Job Title Security Manager
  • Academic Level Master’s Degree
  • Gender Male
  • Industry Public Service/Govt Sectors
  • Permanent Address
    206Park Heights 2, Tower1, Dubai Hills Dubai
  • Nationality Australian
  • Tourist/Visit Visa
  • GCC Driving License Yes
  • Dubai
  • Passport Number PB2219454
  • Passport Expiry Date 1883606400
  • Salary Type Monthly
  • salary 4000
  • Currency Type Omani Rial
  • Present Address
    206 Park Heights 2 Tower1 206, Dubai Hills Dubai
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About me

To whom it may concern,
With a passion for international security and a track record of success in managing complex security landscapes with leading NGOs, international organizations and multicultural environments.
My 20+ years of experience in various security roles as Chief Security Officer, Country Safety/Security Manager and others have equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel in a global environment.
In my current role at Al Mouj, I have overseen the Fire Life Health Safety and Security operations across the whole project, coordinating with local teams and international agencies to ensure seamless security protocols. My main focus was to develop strategic security management system, implementing comprehensive security plans, managing and training security staff, conducting risk assessments, investigating incidents and breaches, and developing strong security policies and procedures. My ability to navigate diverse cultural contexts and align security measures with global standards has been key to my success in this project and others.
During my career, I have led different initiatives to enhance cross-border collaboration, fostering relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations to strengthen security networks. My commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has resulted in the development of different security tools and methodologies that have been adopted to minimize risks and maintain high levels of security standards.
Furthermore, I have developed and implemented specialized training programs for security personnel, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to operate effectively in high-risk situations. My strong commitment to excellence and adaptability has enabled me to deliver results even in the most challenging circumstances.
Beyond my technical proficiency in security, I’ve honed management, leadership, financial, and organizational skills. These, combined with my experience and industry certifications, position me as an ideal candidate to contribute effectively to security initiatives within any organization.
I am eager to bring my global perspective and proven leadership to your organisation, where I can contribute to the organization’s mission of excellence in security. I would love the opportunity to discuss how my experience and skills could benefit your organisation.
Thank you for considering my application.
Best Regards,
Dany Yasbic
Mobile: +971 5868 35810



  • 2022 - 2023
    Renaissance SOAG


     Direct and coordinate security personnel to ensure safety and security of Al Mouj residents, visitors, employees, and vendors.
     Ensure exceptional service from security staff, fostering satisfaction and retention among residents.
     Liaise with departments to enforce security procedures in Al Mouj’s residential areas, retail mall.
     Promptly record and notify all risks and incidents, maintaining accurate documentation.
     Monitor and coach staff for productivity while maintaining high service standards.
     Oversee Accident Prevention and Fire and Safety Committees to mitigate risks effectively.
     Supervise Security Personnel, providing clear direction for Al Mouj’s security protocols.
     Conduct regular walk-throughs to identify security concerns in Al Mouj’s residential and retail areas.
     Develop and implement security strategy and standards for Al Mouj, integrating retail security needs.
     Coordinate with stakeholders, including the Director of Community and Facilities Management, for effective security integration.
     Lead security guards, developing comprehensive training programs tailored to Al Mouj’s needs.
     Establish crisis response plans for Al Mouj’s residential and retail areas.
     Liaise with local law enforcement for emergency response coordination.
     Maintain accurate security records for Al Mouj, including daily activity and incident reports.
     Safeguard Al Mouj through physical security measures, including surveillance and access controls.
     Develop and manage Al Mouj’s security budget in coordination with management.

  • 2017 - 2022


    ▪ Develop and implement a comprehensive Country Security Plan (CSP), including Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Security Risk Management (SRM) Measures, and Residential Security Measures (RSM), incorporating thorough Risk Assessment and Risk Management protocols.
    ▪ Establish Security Contingency Plans (SCP), such as fire and evacuation procedures, and conduct regular drills to ensure Emergency Response and Crisis Management readiness.
    ▪ Provide daily security incident reports and monitor the security situation through local media and networks, offering timely updates on emerging issues and conducting Threat Analysis.
    ▪ Manage an effective communication Warden tree system and conduct periodic testing to ensure efficient Communication Protocols.
    ▪ Support Knowledge Management and Capacity Building initiatives by facilitating Security Training programs for staff, emphasizing Security Awareness and Compliance Management.
    ▪ Coordinate with program managers to ensure all staff receive mandatory security training and SOP briefings, fostering Cross-Functional Collaboration.
    ▪ Organize Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) and Defensive Driving Training (HDT) sessions for staff and drivers, focusing on Tactical Skills and Crisis Response.
    ▪ Maintain liaison with UNDSS and local authorities to ensure compliance with safety and security policies and share relevant advisories, enhancing Security Operations.
    ▪ Attend security meetings with UN agencies and INGOs to contribute to situational analysis and information sharing, leveraging Security Strategy expertise.
    ▪ Oversee Fire, Life, Health, Safety & Security (FLHSS) management and mentor Security Focal Points, emphasizing Physical Security and Access Control measures.
    ▪ Conduct safety meetings, audits, and inspections to ensure compliance and identify corrective actions, emphasizing Security Audits and Investigation skills.
    ▪ Facilitate regular safety and security training for company employees, covering areas such as First Aid, Fire Safety, and Personal Protection.
    ▪ Ensure workplace compliance with safety and security guidelines, incorporating Pre-opening experience and Project Planning methodologies to mitigate risks effectively.

  • 2014 - 2017


     Oversee daily security management of premises and project sites, monitoring and assessing the country’s security situation, and implementing security guidelines and protocols.
     Ensure proper implementation of safety and security policies (SOPs), facilitating staff compliance.
     Establish, review and update the Security Management Plan (SMP), Contingency Plans, and SOPs, conducting periodic threat and risk assessments for compliance.
     Monitor national, social, political, and security issues, informing senior staff of potential impacts on programs, and conducting periodic security assessments for risk mitigation.
     Manage security incidents, providingprovide timely incident reports, analysis, and training for staffstaff training, and conducting conduct drills for various scenarios.
     Undertake site/area assessments and security risk assessments, facilitating mitigation measures and ensuring compliance with security standards.
     Assist in maintenance and execution of hibernation/evacuation plans, coordinating drills and communication via warden tree.
     Establish and maintain a network of Security Focal Points from various organizations and agencies including from different authorities.
     Maintain and update Staff Lists, apply for permits for restricted areas, and monitor international staff movements in liaison with authorities.
     Conduct rehearsals and exercises to ensure staff familiarity with contingency plans and critical incident response.
     Prepare periodic security reports, maintain linkages with staff welfare and medical services, and provide security-related advice and mitigation measures.
     Participate in criticality assessments and support risk identification and management objectives within the functional area of work.

  • 2013 - 2014


     Implement and uphold DAI’s security strategy, policies, plans, and procedures, ensuring their effective execution across project sites and offices.
     Conduct comprehensive Security Risk assessments of travel routes, project offices, and residences/hotels to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.
     Anticipate and forecast risk events, implementing preemptive mitigations to proactively address security concerns.
     Review security incident reports and investigations, implementing corrective actions to prevent recurrence and strengthen security measures.
     Provide management training sessions on security awareness and crisis management, fostering a culture of security among project staff to enhance preparedness.
     Deliver weekly security briefings to Chief of Parties (COPs) and all project staff, keeping them informed about the latest security updates and developments.
     Manage, schedule, and monitor the movements of drivers on a daily basis, ensuring adherence to designated routes and security protocols.
     Conduct driver training sessions as necessary and provide periodic briefings on new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enhance safety and efficiency.
     Ensure timely maintenance of all vehicles, coordinating with logistics to schedule routine servicing and repairs to maintain fleet readiness.
     Oversee all logistics tasks, ensuring proper asset management and accountability to optimize operational efficiency and resource utilization.

  • 2012 - 2013


     Conduct periodic security and safety assessments of buildings, offices, and residential areas to determine their status and requirements, providing guidance for the implementation of emergency and safety standards for new and existing installations.
     Conduct follow-up on emergency fire prevention and evacuation measures, updating fire orders and evacuation procedures regularly, and providing relevant training to staff.
     Provide guidelines, instructions, and support to staff in accordance with established security procedures, ensuring adherence to safety protocols.
     Implement security awareness programs for all UNRWA staff, identifying shortcomings in security arrangements during missions or official business that may pose unnecessary risks to personnel.
     Maintain close contact with UNDSS Security and stay informed about ongoing security situations or threats that may impact the safety of UNRWA staff members.
     Conduct advance party duties to assess venues, gather information, conduct reconnaissance, and liaise with relevant security authorities and counterparts as needed.
     Establish and maintain relationships with local police, fire brigade, hospitals, and other related agencies, as well as international organizations, to enhance cooperation and coordination in matters of safety and security.


Security Strategy Development
Physical Security
Cyber security
Compliance and Regulations
Training and Education